Round Valley Rained Out

Race 4 at Round Valley – Rained Out


Next Race will be our first ever Night Race hosted out on the Party Rock Trail in Herriman, on Friday Night. Sorry folks, but weather is giving us the rain we all need as humans living in a desert, but us bikers don’t want on Tuesday evenings.

Bahhh By Heber

Heber Results


For all you who stuck it out through the microbursts, I’m sure you appreciated the payout = #BrownPow

Coyote Trail - Heber

Race 3 – Heber – New Course


I love this part of the season, the 4k’ starts are behind us and we keep moving on up to thinner air and steeper terrain. We will be racing behind the Heber’s UVU campus location on a new course.

Race 2 Wrapped Up Image

We Made It With No Rain!


I guess old Ma’Nature felt she owed us one after last year’s “Tuesday is Rain Day” experience. The course we ran was quite delightful, all tacky sand and such.

Berm Fest

Shade to Berm Fest


Enjoy the shade and grind on the up and then let it loose for a fun twist’n-berm’n-roll’r sesh on the way down.

Race Results Image

Race 1 Results + Mas!


Thank you all for helping MidWeekMTB cruise through another season starter – It was great to see all the familiar faces and see so many new ones. I hope you all are up for another rally at Corner Canyon. Tuesday, May 5 we’ll be racing a new course with old roots. Details to come.

Race 1 Are You Ready

First Race of the 2015 Season


The MidWeekMTB series is pumped to kick-off the series outta Draper at Corner Canyon on Tuesday, April 28th. We’ve got rip’n course that should help work the winter out of your lungs & legs.