Rained Out at Solitude

Race 9 at Solitude Rained Out

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Bittersweet, as the moisture was really needed, the trails needed it badly, the watershed needed it, my lawn needed it, but it’s a NO GO for tonight. Expect some epic conditions for riding after the trails soak it all up… just wait until the dirt is ready. If you’re curious about the trail conditions out there, because you don’t want to be “that guy” leaving a 3″ squiggled trench, update yourself via Mountain Trails, Basin Recreation or Corner Canyon Trails.  They constantly post on their websites and more actively on Facebook.

Soooo, I guess our new super cool, never raced before course is going to have to wait until Aug 12.

NEXT WEEK, August 5th, we are at Snowbird!

If you already pre-registered for tonight’s race, we have all your info and you will have a credit for the next race you attend.

Enjoy the night off!

(that might of been aimed more at the volunteers, sponsors and myself)

Ovwa Team Big Bear

Thanks Park City

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It’s always a fun way to finish off the Park City portion of the MidWeekMTB -race series- at Deer Valley, especially when it’s on a brutal course – 500 vert in the first mile, ya you could say it was a grinder. Thanks to White Pine Touring for the great End’0′Venue support & to Mark Miller Subaru, and also to Backcountry.com, Jaybird, Scheels, VacasaRentals, KFM Brands, Kuhl Clothing & all of our sponsors.  Additionally, thanks to Scott Sports & possee for lett’n us invade the party, corn hole was get’n rowdy!

MTB CanvasThere are some great pictures out there, mostly do the sharp shooting talent of Selective Vision, view the photos, if you didn’t know, now you do, Selective Vision will even print one out for you — psssttt: canvas prints are pretty sweet.

Good luck to everybody tomorrow at Solitude for the Chris Allaire Solitude Cup – the last iCup race of the season.

We’re up next at Solitude, next Tuesday for race number 9 of the 2014 season. More details to come… like a brand new never before race course… yes we can, and no you haven’t.

Register for race #9, July 29 – Solitude

Enjoy the results and we’ll see you all on Tuesday!




Rally It! DVR

The Equalizer Course Is Ready Are You?

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The last Park City race of the season, hosted at upper Deer Valley (Silver Lake Village), is all setup and ready to test your mashing skillz. It’s a loose, lung-testing grind from the base until the celebration zone, where the upper views of Road to Ruby & the loamy rooted Flagstaff single track will put a grin on anybody’s salty cheeks.

Read the Backcountry.com #PodiumTip of the week.

This is the 1st of 3 End’O’Venue raffles – Tuesday night White Pine Touring will be bringing a grand prize to put out on the raffle table — items not yet revealed. Utah Vacation Homes & Vacasa Rentals will also be raffling off a 2 night, 3 day stay at a Park City home. Ski Utah will be brining 3 lift tickets for the 2014-15 season.

Special DVR release waiver needed for the 2nd Deer Valley course – Download here - There will be underground parking to accommodate after the above ground is filled, free of charge. Note, DVR is also hosting Scott’s dealer camp Silver Lake, so look for Brooke and registration table setup under the chairlift, on the South end, past the lawn.

Register For Race #8 at Deer Valley, July 22

*Note - there will be no Mark Miller Subaru BBQ at Deer Valley

Course Map & Details -

Pro/Expert – 9.8 miles & 2,100′
Sport – 7.5 miles & 1,400′
Beginner – NOT a typical beginner course – tough course – 4 miles & 600′ (straight up) If a younger racer would like to participate, please have a parent accompany.
Kids Course – Awesome loops for the 12& under group – sorry, no Strider specific course for the real little ones.
Click Map image to enlarge OR view in Google Maps
Deer Valley Course Map & Details

Post Race 7 at Solitude

Solitude Results Are Up

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A great night for racing last Tuesday at Solitude Mountain Resort for race number 7 of the MidWeekMTB -race series-

Temps were in the low 70′s, a nice alpine breeze was blowing & a classic Wasatch climbing course was rally’d upon. As with any steep climb, there comes a rip’n downhill, watching the finish line, there was no doubt some were pushing the envelope, the dirt proof was painted all over them.

A big thanks to our volunteers to helping with registration, timing and trail marshalling.

Pic Pics PICTURES!: Angie from Selective Vision has a sweet gallery from Solitude up, check them [here]
Brooke’s set is available on Facebook [here]
And Cameron with Shuttercycle also have photos from Solitude up on Facebook [here]

Looking for a great ride this weekend for a great cause? Check out the Nami Utah road ride – Spanish Fork to Nephi, 3 distances available – proceeds go to help awareness of mental illness & suicide prevention – created in memory of an avid cyclist, Gary Ludlow. Register & More Details

Vega SportHungry and want to make your snacks… and have nut allergies? This recipe goes out to all the nut-sensitive Vega News fans out there! These delicious nut-free granola bars use dates and banana as the primary binding ingredient, instead of relying on nut butter! The results are moist and make a perfect afternoon snack! Enjoy! Read the Recipe

Ramp Sports


Ever wonder who the artists & athletes are that are involved with RAMP Sports?   Ramp Team

Note our next race is at upper Deer Valley & Silver Lake Lodge – it’ll be our last Park City race of the season and is an End’O’Venue race, meaning there will be some even cooler prizes provided by White Pine Touring and a couple others. Deer Valley course details will be coming on Monday

Register for #8 at Deer Valley, Tues July 22

Race Results are Up – Check Em