Last MidWeekMTB Mountain Bike Race - Utah - Solitude Mountain Resort

Last Race – Solitude


And just like that, the last race of the season is upon us. This is a packed post, so take your time and give a good read through.

MidWeekMTB MiniEnduro at Snowbird

Snowbird MiniEnduro


All the race info you need to have a great night racing the MiniEnduro format with #MidWeekMTB at Snowbird on August 8th!

Solitude Mountain Bike Racing Utah

Race 10 – Solitude


Race #10 is going down at Solitude on Tuesday, August 1 – Course Details – Results from Race #9 at Snowbird have posted.

Race 9 MidWeekMTB Mountain Bike Race - Snowbird

Race #9 – Snowbird (XC)


We’ve got a new course line-out for race #9 at Snowbird — pst, it’s an XC

Deer Valley Mini-Enduro


The Deer Valley Mini-Enduro event details — Please read this in full – Lots to cover, from course descriptions to the difference between the divisions.

Race Results From Adventure Gear Fest at Snowbird

Adventure Gear Fest Results Posted


We all felt the burn last Saturday morning at the Adventure Gear Fest race up at Snowbird. See how you stacked up in the results.