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2014 Racer Handbook

Most of the details contained within the handbook document are found here and there all over this web site, but I’m going to include content embedded into this page on topics we get a lot of questions on.  If you don’t see what you looking for, click HERE to view the entire 2014 Racer Handbook.

Classes and General Lap Counts (laps can change)


Men Pro  (3 Laps) • Women Pro (3 Laps) • Men Expert (3 Laps) • Women Expert (2-3 Laps) • Men Sport - both 34& under + 35& older (2 Laps) • Women Sport (2 Laps) • Co-Ed Beginner (1 lap) • Kids 12 and under

All of the races will accumulate points toward your final standing!  You are always welcome to move up a class.  However, when you do, you will only be allowed to take a certain percentage of your points with you pending on the race number that you are moving up.  The earlier you move up, the more you take with you.  Pending on what class you are moving up from will also determine if you have to cut all your points in half then we base it on a percentage.  This is necessary for racers to move up in category and still feel like they have a chance to get higher ranking, but will also be fair to those of you that are already in the correct category.

all of the races you accumulate points in (so do all 12) count towards your final standing!

Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4


keep 90%
of your points

keep 80%
of your points

keep 70%
of your points

Race 5

Race 6

Race 7

Race 8

keep 60%
of your points

keep 50%
of your points

keep 40%
of your points

keep 30%
of your points

Race 9

Race 10


Race 12

keep 20%
of your points

keep 15%
of your points

keep 10%
of your points


Placement Sport Expert/Pro
1 100 200
2 80 160
3 70 140
4 65 130
5 60 120
6 55 110
7 50 100
8 45 90
9 40 80
10 35 70
11-20 25 50
21-30 20 40
31-40 15 30
41-50 10 20
51-60 5 10
General Info

Racers are required to purchase a hard number plate for the series. The price for the plate is $5. Racers must use the same plate for every race. We are encouraging racers to return their plates at the completion of the season, as it will act as a raffle ticket for end of year grand prize drawing. Race results will be posted as quickly as possible on our Race Results page

Kid’s Race – Summit Bike Club

Every week there will be a kid’s race.  The kid’s race will start at 6:00pm on race nights. The courses will try to be fun, yet challenging enough for the kids to feel like they’ve accomplished something. We will try to work in as much single-track as possible. Kids that have advanced beyond this level are welcome to race in the open class. Kids racing in the beginner open class will need to pay the weekly race fee and also will need to have a number plate. The beginner class is not a cumulative points race for the overall. This category is intended for the development of the sport; riders that have never raced, or in this instance, our youth racers. New last season, if the venue allows, a separate and much less demanding trail will also be available for kids on push bikes (pedal-less) bikes and those really small tikes. In the past the course would be marked solely with cones and wind around concrete, pavement, grass and dirt.