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2014 Racer Handbook General Rules

Point Breakdown listed at the bottom

  • Race Particpation Fees are $17 pre-regsitered or $20 night of for Tuesday races. The new Friday night races are $30 pre-registered or $35 night of.
  • Night Of Payment we only except Cash, but if a checks is all you got, we’ll take it, they need to be made out to MTB Productions, LLC.
  • Season Passes will be available for purchase in the pre-seseon for discounted prices
  • Plates: Racers are required to purchase a hard number plate for the series. The price for the plate is $10, replacement plates are $15. Racers must use the same plate for every race.
  • Main Event starts at: 6:30 PM (sent out in division waves, usually 1 -2 minutes apart)
    • Main Event Races take approx 1-1.5 hours to complete
    • If you have never raced before, please preride the course or study the map so you are familiar with it.
    • Passing takes the cooperation of 2 racers. If you are trying to takeover a slower rider please verbally announce that you’d like to pass, and do so in an accomodating location. If you are being passed, please make accomodate the passing rider, this can be moving off to one side of the trail, pointing out a good place to make the pass, announcing which side the passing should occur on, and even putting a foot down it need be.
    • Parents, if you are sending your child out in the main event (ie Beginner or Sport), please make 100% sure they are familiar with the course & are compitant riders. We encourage a parent or gaurdian to accompany a new rider to help them through the event, just ask us.
  • Kids Race start at: 6:00 PM
    • Kids do not have to purchase a race plate but can, and required to at least have a free paper plate will still need paper plate number plate.
    • It is also mandatory that parents fill out registration form and sign waiver for kids to race.
    • All Participants must wear CLOSED TOE shoes and a SECURED HELMET
    • Parents are encouraged to help “Trail Marshall” the course and can assit their child during the race, on foot or on a bike. We just ask that you are courteous of other kids on the course
    • Kids are welcome to race in the main event, they will need to pay regular race fees and
      have a race plate
  • Drawings
    • Nightly Raffles: we will have nightly drawings for those that paid an entry
      fee. Product is provided by the 2016sponsors. Kids racing the free race are not eligible for the main drawing, sorry, kiddos (but we have a kids only raffle)
    • End’O’Venue Raffle: happens at the last race at each venue we will have a special drawing from our venue sponsor for higher dollar product. Round Valley and Deer Valley are sponsored by White Pine
      Touring. Corner Canyon, Heber and Snowbird are sponsored by Salt Cycles and Fezzari Bicycles is sponsoring the Solitude Venue.
    • End’O’Season Raffle: At the end of the season, we will have an insane drawing with some amazing prizes from our sponsors like bikes, cameras, kits, gift certs etc. In order to be eligble you must race at least 6 of the 12 (Tuesday night) races to be applicable to win these prizes!
  • Race results will be posted approx 2 days after the race Race Results page
  • Trail Days

    The Midweek series believes in giving back to the community. With this in mind, we will
    host 2-4 trail days in which you can volunteer your time to give back to the trails that
    we all love. If you volunteer at a trail day, you will be awarded 50 points for all your
    hard work. Trail days will be on Saturday mornings and the dates will be posted on our
    website and FB.

    Guidelines and Legal Stuff:

    1. Mountain biking is a hazardous activity. There are risks from varying terrain and
      obstacles. Injuries are common. Please understand that you are using the mountain at
      your own risk.
    2. Mountain bikers must wear helmets at all times. This includes when pre-riding the
    3. Please keep your dogs at home. Bikes and dogs don’t always mix and it has been
      requested by all venues that dogs are left at home. Also, Big Cottonwood Canyon is a
      watershed and no dogs are allowed in the watershed.
    4. Please be courteous to the trails. Riders can be suspended from the race for
      damaging or destroying public or private property. Also, keep your litter with you
      when you are on the trails. We will have trash cans at all venues.
    5. You must have a number plate to compete in the race series with the appropriate
      category marked.
    6. It is up to the racer attempting to pass to communicate and pass to facilitate a safe
      racing environment. Lapped riders should yield to lead riders.
    7. A racer may not bodily interfere or otherwise intentionally impede another racers
      progress. Un-sportsman like behavior and/or the use of profane or abusive language
      will not be tolerated.
    8. If we move you up a category. It is because we believe in you. Please respect our
      decision and you will be able to take your adjusted points with you. Please refer to the
      points breakdown to see how the system works. If you move down in a category, you
      will lose your points. Points/ moving up or down is a complicating system. Please bear
      with us. We are trying to keep things fair for all racers.
    9. Please pre-ride the courses. However, be aware that there are times that the race
      courses have to change. Also, please be cautious of other trail users during that time.
    10. Headphones are a distraction and you can’t hear your fellow riders. They are not
      allowed during the race.
    11. No shortcutting is allowed. It will result in a DNF and you will receive 0 point for
      the race.
    12. Some of our trail systems are horse friendly. Please be courteous to the horse and
      the rider as you approach them. The horse will respond better to your voice rather
      than your squeaky brakes and the rider will appreciate you so much more.
    13. Bell Ringer Rule: If you get ding’d one, be aware of the rear racer, if you get ding’d
      2,3,4,5,6 times…maybe it’s time you pull over.
    14. At the discretion of the Race Director, additional payouts and /or cash prizes may
      be awarded. The organizers reserve the right to alter or combine categories and/or
      awards to best serve all participants. Additionally, the cash payout can be less then
      stated, the payout is based on participation.
    Kid’s 12&Under Race

    The kid’s race will start at 6:00pm on race nights. We will try to work in as much single-track as possible. Kids that have advanced beyond this level are welcome to race in the Beginner class. Kids racing in the beginner open class will need to pay the weekly race fee and also will need to have a number plate. The beginner class is not a cumulative points race for the overall. This category is intended for the development of the sport; riders that have never raced, or in this instance, our youth racers. New last season, if the venue allows, a separate and much less demanding trail will also be available for kids on balance bikes (pedal-less) bikes and those really small tikes. In the past the course would be marked solely with cones and wind around concrete, pavement, grass and dirt.

    Classes and General Division Distances


    Men Pro  (12-18miles) • Women Pro/Expert  (12-18miles) • Men Expert 35and older + 34and under  (12-18miles) • Men Sport 35and older + 34and under (7-10 miles) • CoEd Masters (7-10 miles) • Women Sport (7-10 miles) • Co-Ed Beginner (3-5 miles) • Kids 12 and under varies depending on venue

    Point Structure & Rules for Changing Divisions

    All of the races will accumulate points toward your final standing. You are always welcome to move up or down a class.  However, when you do move divisions, you will loose all points.

    All of the races you accumulate points in (so do all 12) count towards your final standing.