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“Give your trails some heart and they will fill your soul”

This page is dedicated to helping give back to the trails we all use and love. We encourage every racer to help out by: volunteering, donating or just plain spreading the word.   Without our non-profit organizations and the amazing volunteers that support Utah’s trail systems we would not have the unbelievable riding that we all indulge in.  So sack-up (a lunch that is) and jump out with a crew for a couple hours, you’ve got to do it at least once, you’d be amazed how fun it is to buff-out your favorite banked turn, remove that root that caused your latest pinch flat or trim that cheek-slapping branch. Also visit for Corner Canyon opportunities.

Need a motivator?  Watch this inspirational video: “In Good Company – About how Mountain Biking Forged a Community

Help Give Back to the trail community The MidWeekMTB -race series- are huge advocates of giving back, and at the conclusion of the 2011 race season we donated $1,500 to 2 trail organizations, in the name of the series: $1,000 to Mountain Trails on behalf of Deer Valley Resort & $500 to Cottonwood Canyons Foundation on behalf of Snowbird Resort.

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Get those gloves oiled and backs strong.

  • Another Successful Season End of Season Donation

    MidWeekMTB – race series – excited to donate a total of $1,678 to non-profit trail and environmental organizations – Mountain Trails, Cottonwood Canyons Foundations & Wasatch Trails Alliance.

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  • Sweet Night RoundValley_Crash

    The new long’er’est course – well received – [check √ ] repeat course next season. Note the upcoming schedule, we’re in the flow – Our first Solitude race is Tues, then our last Park City race & upper Deer Valley for course dub’d “The Hardest Of The Season” It’s an End’O’Venue event where White Pine Touring will be throwing down with some big epic prizes (to be announced) along with some other big’ns provided by our sponsors (TBA) … and the 8k’ foot starts commence.

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  • RoundVelladrone Results The Round Valley Lineup

    Big night for the series – huge classes and huge smiles. We’re already working on a laying out a new course to help mitigate the pedaling-snake effect, the classic Celestial course had a tough time accommodating all you rally riders.
    Big thanks to all you racers, the series sponsors & it’s volunteers

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