New! XC and Mini Enduro Age Groups!

We’ve made some changes to age groups and start times for 2019. Our goal is always to reduce congestion, increase competitiveness, and make for a more fun racing atmosphere!

Mini Enduro Categories in Starting Order
6:00pm First Rider Starts

Youth 13-
Women Beginner
Men Beginner
Women Sport 24-
Women Sport 25+
Men Sport 24-
Men Sport 25-34
Men Sport 35-44
Men Sport 45+
Women Masters 55+
Men Masters 55+
Women Pro/Expert
Men Expert 24-
Men Expert 25-34
Men Expert 35-44
Men Expert 45+
Men Pro

XC Categories with Start Times

6:00pm: Men Beginner 18-
6:01pm: Men Beginner: 19+
6:02pm: Women Beginner

6:05pm: Free Kids' Race (12-)

6:30pm: Men Pro
6:31pm: Men Expert 45+
6:31:30pm: Men Expert 35-44
6:32pm: Men Expert 25-34
6:32:30pm Men Expert 24-
6:33:30pm Women Pro/Expert
6:34:30pm Men Masters 55+
6:35pm Women Masters 55+
6:36pm Men Sport 45+
6:36:30pm Men Sport 35-44
6:37pm Men Sport 25-34
6:37:30pm Men Sport 24-
6:38:30pm Women Sport 25+
6:39pm Women Sport 24-