How Numbers Work

Your race plate is more than just a number! Your race plate has emergency info on the back. It also has 2 RFID chips that must be in place in order for you to be timed accurately. Do not cut or trim your number plate. Read on for more info and updates about numbers, stickers, and replacements.

You’ll pick up your number at your first race and KEEP IT all season.

For XC racers, we are only assigning 3 sticker colors this year. Colors determine your course/laps when they are varied: 
Yellow = Beginner men and women (beginners will also follow yellow signage and start at 6pm this year); 
Blue = Sport men and women; 
Green = Pro, Expert, Single Speed, and Masters men and women.

  • If you move up an XC category, be sure to get your new sticker!

  • Mini Enduro riders won't get stickers, unless you also decide to race XC. XC stickers won't matter when you race Mini Enduro.

These numbers are made of different material from past numbers. We're not sure how tough they are, and we encourage you to NOT find out. However, if your number doesn't make it past a few races, bring us your old number and we'll give you a new one. 

If you FORGET your number, you must buy a new one for $15. If you don't present us with your old number, we'll assume you FORGOT it, and you'll pay the fee.

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