First 2 Dig Days: Open for Registration

We are making an effort to host a variety of Dig Days throughout the Wasatch Front and Back this year. Our first two dig days are on the schedule! You can earn 50 points per dig day toward your series points total!

May 4: Lake Mountain Trails Association, Eagle Mountain

May 16: Draper City Trails and Open Space, Corner Canyon

How they work:

  1. Register for your chosen Dig Day via the links above.

  2. Show up at the designated time/location (Often communicated directly from the dig day organizers, so be sure to sign up beforehand. We’ll try to make this run more smoothly this year.)

  3. Sign in.

  4. Work for at least 2 hours.

  5. Your points will be added to your series points total AFTER you complete your first race.

  6. Points per Dig Day can be applied to EITHER Mini Enduro or XC, but cannot be split between the 2. However, you can apply one day’s points to one discipline, and the next day’s points to the other.

  7. Email with questions!

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