Let's Get Weird in Draper: May 28 Start Procedure

Yes, it is what you think.

We’ve started and finished XC races on the road to avoid the tunnel and its barriers. There are some obvious issues with starting on the road, but the biggest one is that it violates our site agreement with Draper. So, in an effort to comply with the rules, AND to cause minimal disruption to the equestrian group who reserved the horse arena long before we added May 28th as a race date, we’re implementing a Le Mans-style start on Tuesday.


  1. There is a large fence to the north of the horse arena. I don’t want 20 of you racing toward it, with 15 of you ending up IN it.

  2. The run and bike mount should spread out riders and allow for a civilized entry into the tunnel and through the barricades on the south side of the tunnel. (Told you it would get weird.)

  3. Race your hearts out after the barricades.

  4. Extra volunteers will help the start process run smoothly, especially if they can light a fire under any lollygaggers. Have any candidates email me directly!

To execute this kooky move effectively, we need all racers to be ready to go at the wait line by 6:30pm. Pros will place their bikes no later than 6:25 for an on-time 6:30pm start. As your wave is released to place your bike, hustle! There will be more than 30 seconds between age groups and more than a minute between categories, so let’s make sure we get everyone off the start line by 6:45pm!


To avoid further confusion (because I can tell I’ve already lost a few of you), I’ll release the full maps of the courses I hope to use once we get a more clear vision of the weather and trail conditions. Whether we do a long upper course or a new course of lower laps, the running start and entrance course into the tunnel will remain the same. Similarly, the finish route will remain the same (after the tunnel).

Beginners WILL NOT need to pause their race this week, but I will have them finish where Lower Rush meets the road before the bridge.

All other racers will finish where bikes were dropped for the start.


Just embrace it and keep Mid Week MTB Series weird!

Bike Utah