Corner Canyon XC #1 V2: RESULTS!

So glad we waited out the rainy morning and raced some Corner Canyon laps under sunny skies! Good job out there!

Hopefully we are in the clear for the rest of the season now—we’re looking forward to a long course at Round Valley next week!

Don’t forget to check in with at the Bingham Cyclery tent before each race, even if you are a season pass holder or pre-registered. Also, if you DNF or don’t start, please let a volunteer know!

There were a lot of forgotten numbers this week, so make sure you are in the right spot.

If your name is in red, you should have already received an email. Please respond by Friday, or results will be finalized with you as a DNF.

Let me know any issues you see by Friday at 9am—results will be final at that point.

Phil Sarnoff