Corner Canyon XC #2 RESULTS!

Thanks to everyone for your patience while we rearranged everything at the last minute to make last night’s race happen! It was rowdy, it was fun, and it was a great 2019 kick-off!

As a reminder, you have until Friday at 9am to bring up any issues you see with results. Results will be considered final at that time and season points and Dig Day points will be added.

New this year: UPGRADE column. I’ve had my eyes on you. I know this was a weirdly short and intense first race, but some of you are ready to make the jump up a category. Next week, you can expect to be listed in category above you. For Sport riders, this means getting a shiny new green sticker! If you disagree with the upgrade, email me your reasoning.

Please send all questions, concerns, and hilarious memes to:

Bike Utah