Updated Racer Handbook: New Timing Rule

Proud I am of all of you, except for one thing. You cannot pass by the finish timer with your number plate after you finish your race.

That thing's job is to record your time accurately, and it's really good at it. It will record you every time you come near it after you are done. Your 45min finish time turns into 1:10. Sad face.

For Corner Canyon, I am attempting to fix times as best I can based on facts presented by riders. Until now, there was not a rule discussing this issue or any consequences stated, so I'm working with racers on this one.

Moving forward the rule for XC and ME will be: If you return to the finish line with your number plate on, and the timer picks you up, that is your new finish time. Period.

The Racer Handbook has been updated, and you can review this and all other rules and guidelines here or under the FAQs section of this website:

What can you do to prevent a faulty finish time?

👍 Leave your bike beyond the finish area and walk back to the finish timer to ask questions or cheer for friends.

👍Your number is attached with twist ties and is easy to remove. After you finish, put your number in your car so you have it for the next race.

👎Do not take your number off and give it to a friend or family member. If they approach the finish line with it, you're going to have a bad time.

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