Round Valley XC #4: RESULTS!

Wow! That was an awesome—and fast!—night of racing. Thank you!

We nudged right up to 300 racers, and I’ll admit, you surprised me! This was the biggest Mid Week MTB Series race since I became director, and you all (and our incredible volunteers) made the evening go super smoothly. High fives!

Quite a few duels to the finish, so I pulled times to the hundredth of a second.

Don’t forget to check in with at the Bingham Cyclery tent before each race, even if you are a season pass holder or pre-registered. Also, if you DNF or don’t start, please let me or a volunteer know!

If your name/number is in red, please email me by Friday, or results will be finalized with you as a DNF.

Let me know any issues you see by Friday at 9am—results will be final at that point.

Bike Utah