Sundance Mountain Resort Mini Enduro #2: Map and Start List

It’s finally time to race a Mini Enduro! We are excited to visit Sundance Mountain Resort for the first time!

Here are the details you need to know to have a successful race night!


To pre-ride, volunteer, or race at Sundance Mountain Resort, you must sign a Sundance Mountain Resort Waiver.

If you have already signed one for 2019, you do not have to sign again. There will be a representative on site at the Upper Parking Lot race check-in on Tuesday to confirm you have signed and issue your wristband. You MUST wear a Sundance Mountain Resort-issued wristband to ride their trails.

Trails Pass

If you choose to visit Sundance Mountain Resort to pre-ride the course, you must purchase a trails pass for the day you are riding. YOU DO NOT NEED TO PURCHASE A PASS FOR TUESDAY, JUNE 11 if you are a registered racer or volunteer.

If you are only riding the Mini Enduro course, you can purchase a Trails Only pass for $7. To see all of the pass options and pricing, click here.

NOTE: If you are caught on Sundance Mountain Resort trails without a waiver wristband and/or trails pass, you are subject to Sundance Mountain Resort’s trespassing policies and you will be disqualified from the Mini Enduro without refund.

Racer Check-In

ALL racers must check-in at the Bingham Cyclery tent upon arrival to sign in and/or receive your race number. You will receive your Sundance Mountain Resort wristband at this time as well. Check-in will start at 4pm at the UPPER PARKING LOT. There are no Mini Enduro activities or parking in the Lower Parking Lot.

If you choose to pre-ride before 4pm, visit Sundance Mountain Outfitters near the Lower Parking Lot to sign your waiver and receive your wristband.

It is your responsibility to arrive in time to check in and climb to the start of Stage 1 before your start time listed on the start list.


Know when to be at the top of your Stage 1 Start!

When you view the Start List confirm the following items:

1. If you registered for the race or have a Mini Enduro or Combo Season Pass, you are on the list.

2. Your name is spelled correctly.

3. You are in the correct category.

4. If you picked up your number already, the number on the list matches the number in your possession (don’t forget to bring it). **

5. Start list is tentative until Monday, June 10, when it will be considered final and posted as such.

6. On the list and can’t make it to the race? Let me know!

See a problem? Email

**If you have not picked up a number yet, you will do so upon check-in Tuesday night.


And now, you may view the Sundance Mountain Resort Mini Enduro #2 Map!

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