Solitude XC #8: Map

It’s been an exciting season, and we’ll cap it off with a super fun loop at Solitude on Tuesday!

You likely know that I’m not a fan of lapped courses but I am a fan of long climbs and techy woods, so this course is one of my personal favorites! You’ll get plenty of climbing, lots of passing opportunities, one lap for all racers, and some fun classic Wasatch descending.

Trailforks maps don’t work for the roads, so you get my crayon drawing this week!

All racers climb up Honeycomb Rd. to Queen Bess.

Beginners then descend down Serenity to Lower Queen Bess and finishing with a long straight from the bottom of the parking lot up to Moonbeam.

All other racers exit Queen Bess to Raptor Rd, up to Upper KRUZR. Keep your eyes peeled for rocky, rooty surprises and you weave through the KRUZR trees and descend to the bottom of Raptor Rd. Similar to the Mini Enduro this year, when you exit KRUZR, you’ll head right to flip around the manhole cover for a more smooth transition from the KRUZR descent to the Raptor Road climb. Up you go to Serenity, then down to Lower Queen Bess and sprint your guts out up the parking lot to Moonbeam. You’re welcome!

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