Have general questions about XC race nights? Read on!

How do I register for XC Races?

3 ways! Buy a season pass, pre-register online, or register on-site on race night. We recommend pre-registering to save time and money. Click here for pricing and registration info!

Do I need to register my kids for the free kids’ race?

Yes! This year, we are only offering on-site registration for the free kids’ races. Visit the kids’ race registration tent to sign up kids 12 and younger, sign waivers, and have kids create their custom name plates. We recommend registering by 5:45pm.

I Have a season pass or I pre-registered. Do I need to visit the registration tent on race night?

Yes! We need to know you are on-site, so we can make sure all racers are accounted for at the end of the night and in results. Depending on the venue, you will either need to submit a waiver as your check-in process, or fill out a sign-in sheet. We will have a separate line for pre-registered riders so you can quickly be on your way.

What’s the deal with waivers?

Every racer must fill out ONE Mid Week MTB Series waiver for the season. Even if you race both XC and Mini Enduro, you only need to fill out ONE Mid Week MTB Series waver for the season. If you register online, you will automatically fill out the waiver at that time. Otherwise, print and bring this waiver with you to when you register on-site.

Certain venues require their own waivers. Each racer MUST fill out and turn in venue-specific waivers on race night in order to race. We will link to venue waivers here as they become available.

If i pre-register, When do i receive my number?

You will pick up your number at the first race that you attend. You will keep this number for the duration of the season, and use it at both XC and Mini Enduro events.

What if I lose or forget my number plate?

Your number has timing chips on it. Each racer must have a number plate on their bike in order to participate in each race. If you lose or forget your number, you must purchase a new number on-site at the registration tent. Replacement numbers are $15. This new number will be your number for the remainder of the season. DO NOT bring your old number back to a venue!

Why do I need to purchase a number plate separate in addition to a season pass or race entry?

We make you purchase your plate so that you are more likely to remember to bring it to each race! And we make you pay more for a replacement plate so you’ll be less likely to forget that original number plate!


WHat Time Should I arrive on Race Night?

On-site registration begins at 4pm. Beginner racers start at 6:00pm. Free kids’ race begins at 6:05pm. Pro, Expert, Masters, and Sport racers begin at 6:30pm. We recommend arriving by 5:45 for 6:00 starts or 6:00 for 6:30 starts for stress-free registration. However, we’ll let you sign up until your category starts!

What are the racing categories, and how do I know which one to enter?

XC races are divided into categories based on racer ability, fitness, and experience. Certain categories are also divided by age group. We ask that you race your age as of 1/1/2019, but we probably won’t card you.

What time does my category start?

Current category start times can be found here. Please note that these are subject to change before the first race of the season. We will announce any changes. Start times will remain the same for the duration of the season.

New for 2019: Beginner racers start at 6:00pm; Free kids’ race starts at 6:05pm!

We pride ourselves on starting on time. If there is a reason for a delay (major traffic issue, accident on the course, need to make course adjustments due to unforeseen circumstances), we will make every effort to alert all racers as early and quickly as possible.

can i change categories?

Yes. but there are several guidelines. Visit the Racing Rules page for more details.

Why are results posted the following day, if we have this fancy new timing system?

We’d like to say that it’s the way it’s always been. That’s true, of course, but with modern technology, that’s only an excuse. The reality is that it takes time to do the following:

Make sure all racers who started, finished. We compare sign-in sheets to finish times.

Confirm all racers have submitted the correct waivers.

Add names to the numbers of new racers who register on site.

Confirm all racers are listed in the correct category. This gets especially tricky when racers change categories on site. We’re working on a better process.

Increase suspense, and decrease the amount of time you need to wait in the dark on a Tuesday night to see final results. We’d rather high-five, do the raffle, and enjoy some snacky treats!

i pre-registered or bought a season pass, but now I can’t race. Can I get a refund or transfer my entry to an upcoming race?

We get it. Injuries happen. Work stuff comes up. Whatever the reason you are unable to race, we do not issue refunds for individual races. We may be able to transfer your entry to a future race. This will be determined on a case by case basis.

There will be no refunds given and no transfers allowed on-site.

We can only issue a refund if you purchased a season pass and the race season has not yet started. As we are a non-profit organization, we may withhold a percentage of the total refund based on card processing fees, which we would make you aware of before issuing the refund.